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After such a long wait, I’m so happy to announce that Mister Miracle is now online and live!

Click on the book to go to the sales page on Amazon or click here to go to the book page to learn more about it!

It seems like I’ve had this book ready to go forever but had a hard time coming up with a cover and other events that got in the way. It’s such a relief to finally share it with everyone.

Mister Miracle is a crime thriller that takes place on the sandy beaches of Koh Tao, Thailand. I’m really proud of it and I hope everyone enjoys it!

I’m very proud of the slate of books I’ll be releasing in the coming months. They’re already written, it’s just a matter of getting the covers done and doing all the things that isn’t writing!

Gray’s Ghosts will be coming next, so make sure you’re on the look out for that one. It’s about a divorced couple that host a reality show getting caught up in the world of marijuana trafficking in South Carolina!

Thanks again to everyone for the support.


The Gutter Dogs Collection is now in a single volume! For the low price of 4.99, you can now get all five books – The Split, Transformers, Underdogs, The Van Halen Guitar, and Warriors for the price of a single book! You can grab it by clicking on the picture to the right, and if you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free!

Also, I’m pleased to announce that the Warriors paperback is complete and available online! I’m really excited about that because it’s my very first one, and I’m a little addicted to them now. It came out really great, much better than I expected. You can find it by clicking on the picture below, or clicking here.

The Gutter Dogs Collection and Warriors both have a sneak peak at my upcoming novel, “Mister Miracle,” at the end, which will be coming out soon.

Thanks so much for the support everyone!

warriors-grayWarriors will be on sale Nov. 28th for a limited time at 0.99! On Dec. 6th it will be back at it’s regular price of 2.99 so make sure to grab a copy to get the deal! Subscribers to the mailing list have been getting advanced chapters sent to them.

Buy Warriors here

Summer of 94 and A Life Untold now have more distributors including Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Nook, so it can be purchased at many of your favorite online stores.
Summer of 94
A Life Untold

I am pleased to announce that Generation Z is now available to purchase on Amazon! You can choose to purchase Book One and Book Two separately, or you can grab both Books in one volume!

I am also pleased to announce that Books One – Four of the Gutter Dogs series are available for purchase from Amazon as well! They’re fun, short, crime fiction reads that are highly enjoyable. Book Five of the series, Warriors, is a full length novel, and will be Nov. 28th as mentioned above, so make sure you check back often, or join the mailing list so you don’t miss out!

To stay up to date on everything, please join my mailing list. Subscribers will get a free pdf copy of A Life Untold as a gift,  as well as advanced chapters, news about upcoming projects and events, and other goodies!
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