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Cold Shot is finally here, available on both Kindles and paperbacks!

Short blurb: Dwayne and Celeste want a divorce. But instead of going to a lawyer, they each seek out the same hitman to end the union. As each party tries to stay a step ahead of the other, they leave behind a trail of carnage that hell would be proud of.

If you want some in depth info on the writing of this book, be sure to check out Cold Shot’s Book Page here.

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I’m proud to say that In The Pocket is here! The book is available in both Kindle and paperback.

Short blurb: When con artist Jack Haley turns himself in to the police, newly promoted Charlotte Stiles is put on the case. Jack promises to expose a Russian mobster, and the prevalent corruption within the department. But can Charlotte trust him? Jack is a con man, and con men are known to lie.

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I guess it’s been a minute or two since I updated the site. My apologies for neglecting it, but I’ve gotten to work today to update it as best I could. I haven’t been lazy, I’ve just focused my time on writing!

The website has been updated with my two newest releases, Bestseller, and Gray’s Ghosts. More information on those below, but I wanted to share what I’ve been up to first.

I’ve currently been working on a new Western series, called The Devil’s Death. It takes place five years after the Civil War. The war may be over, but the country still bleeds. I have two books completed, The Dogs Come Out at Night, and Where The Dead May Lie, with two more to be written before I begin releasing them.  The series will be at least four books, and may go on to more. The plan is to have the first four available within a short two months. Make sure to look out for them. I think they’re pretty swell.

In the meantime, I have no intention of giving up the Crime Fiction which I hold so dear to my heart, so my next release will be In The Pocket. It’s about a con man who gives himself up to the police, with the promise of exposing a Russian gangster no one’s ever heard of to absolve him of his sins. Is this true, or just another con? The book is going through the editing process, then the cover creation process, and will be available shortly.

And don’t worry, another Crime Fiction book is manifesting itself that I’m pretty excited about, but I’ll share more on that later.

So here are the two newest releases, both available as Ebooks and Paperbacks!

I’m thrilled to say that my newest release, Bestseller, has been mentioned in the same sentence as Elmore Leonard, Kurt Vonnegut, Dennis Lehane, and Carl Hiaasen. These are people I very much look up to in the literary world, so just to have my book mentioned alongside those names is truly flattering and humbling.

Also, ironic as it is, Bestseller is my bestselling release!

Bestseller is about an author who writes a suicide book to see if his wife still loves him. When his body isn’t found, he quickly learns the book is worth more if he had followed through on his promise.

Go to Book Page to learn more.


My other new release, which I could have sworn I already added to this site, is Gray’s Ghosts. it’s about a married couple who host an investigate ghost reality TV show. When they travel to South Carolina to investigate a haunted farmhouse, they find they’re not the only ones with eyes on the property. It turns out, marijuana traffickers think the doomsday bunker would make a great place for a grow-op.

Go to Book Page to learn more.

I couldn’t be more proud with how these books turned out, and I can’t help but feel my writing is improving by leaps and bounds with every new release. It’s such a satisfying endeavor, and I can’t thank you enough for coming along for the ride.

My sincerest hope is that you continue to like the stories I put out and I am allowed to keep trying to entertain.

Thanks again to everyone for the support.


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