In The Pocket

Who can you trust?

Jack Haley is a con man.

Jack turns himself in to the police, promising to expose a Russian mobster no one’s heard of.

Jack might be lying.

Newly promoted Charlotte Stiles is put on the case. Jack brings her into the world of the grifter, the world of the confidence man. The world where no one can be trusted and things presented are rarely what they seem.

Charlotte’s world is turned upside down as she digs for the truth. Friends can be enemies, cops can be criminals, and no one can be trusted, not even herself. A game is being played and it might be too late before she realizes she’s the central figure.

The prize for winning: Half a million dollars.

Losers: A lifetime in jail.

If you love twists, turns, deception and intrigue in your reading, this is the book for you!



The idea for this book was born while I was in Thailand. For some reason, I got into the idea of con artists. While I had every intention of making it about the two con artist brothers, Jack and Joe, the book took on a life of its own and became about Charlotte Stiles, the newlywed detective investigating them. Never would I have guessed that the book would end up having the theme of life is short and change is good!

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