Gray’s Ghosts

Not all ghosts are dead.

Deacon and Brooke travel the country in search of haunted houses for the reality TV show Gray’s Ghosts. How do they know a house is haunted? It depends how much they can sell it for. Their side business is buying “haunted houses” for cheap, then flipping them for a nice profit.

The show brings them to a farm where a man died in a doomsday bunker, but instead of a spirit, they find a marijuana trafficking operation.

Cesar Riso is the man with the plan. He’s gone into business with very bad men, from local skinheads to the Floridian Cuban Mafia. When his shipment of pot gets taken, he has to find out who set him up and how to keep his business afloat. He needs a place to grow his crops out of sight from the cops and his competition. He discovers the perfect place – a farm with a doomsday bunker.

In this game of cat and mouse, no one is safe. The prize for winning: your life.

If you love scorching reads, full of thrilling suspense and crackling wit, grab a copy of Gray’s Ghosts right now! You won’t be able to put it down because you’ll be dying to know what happens next!

Background on Gray’s Ghosts

I was watching one of the many ghost shows on TV one day and because I’m immoral, I started thinking of schemes that could be done while in that position. The thought came to me that a haunted house would probably sell fairly cheap and the story was born.

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