Generation Z


Volumes One and Two

My name is Randolph Garvey, and I’m a Zombie.

I’ve been tasked with writing this book; our survival, our lives, how we mix with the Humans, so all those that come after can hopefully learn something. You can learn from our mistakes, Human mistakes, and maybe see where it all went wrong.

It all just started as a disease…

This period of time will forever be known as “Generation Z” – the brief moment in history when Humans and Zombies shared the Earth together; how we set out to handle our differences, co-exist with one another, and ultimately, how one race was completely destroyed. It didn’t happen the way you’d think.

My name is Randolph Garvey, a Zombie, and I’ll be your guide through Generation Z.






generation-z-book-oneBook One: The Outbreak

The disease was born in Africa. PAL had a 90% mortality rate that rapidly spread across the planet with devastating effects. The world couldn’t keep up with it. By the time the plague was thought to be conquered, it had infected one billion souls worldwide. But that wasn’t the end of it.

The plague morphed into a new disease. One that was far more frightening. It was called AMP, and it regressed the brain, bringing it back to a primal state – one of frantic survival. The Zombie Apocalypse was upon us.

The refusal to co-exist and the subsequent fight for supremacy would be the most important war of an entire generation.







generation-z-book-twoBook Two: The Real War

Zombie and Human co-existence balanced on the edge of a blade. Both sides had gone through the Apocalypse War and were ready to expunge the other. The Zombie Zealots were a group of radicals that would use force to be free from the chokehold of Human condemnation.

The Humans wanted nothing less than complete eradication of the demon plague. Integration was not an option.

With the uprising of the Zombie movement, peace seemed to be an unreachable dream, until one Zombie stood above the rest by believing in a future. A future of salvation. A future of hope.

But it was the very nature of Human existence that would prove to be the toughest battle. It would prove to be the real war.


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