Summer of 94

summer-of-94“My life changed forever the summer Megan was abducted.”

“Summer of ‘94” is a novella about the shattering of lives in a community when one of its young members is abducted. The story is told through the eyes of Zack, a young man at the age of 12, on the threshold of adulthood. It is the last vestige of innocence; a time when Nirvana flooded the airwaves, radical change clung to the air, and kidnapping hadn’t yet become an epidemic.

Zack battles the normal issues of growing up; his image, falling in love, underage drinking and drug use, but is forced into adulthood when the love of his life goes missing. He, nor the adults, are equipped to deal with such a travesty. The neighborhood that was once so close become complete strangers. The people that were closest to Megan are treated like a cancer – something that needs to be cut out.

“Summer of ‘94” is a story about growing up while being left behind.

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