The Gutter Dogs Series – The Split

split9Book 1: The Split

Tristan just got back from the beach. Cain just got out of prison. Both have just been screwed over by their old partners. Both need a job.

Two mob bosses are fighting for power, and the pendulum will swing to whoever gets their hands on an all important laptop first. Cain and Tristan are sent to get it. If only it were that simple.

Once their hands are on the laptop, the trouble begins. An assassin is sent in to kill them, Cain has a crooked parole officer breathing down his neck, and the trust between the two new partners is fair to say the least.

What was once supposed to be a simple score has turned into a situation where they’ll be lucky to escape with their lives. All they have to do is give the laptop to the right Boss, take care of the assassin, settle an old score, get the parole officer off their back, and not get killed.

Sounds easy enough right?

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