The Gutter Dogs Series – The Van Halen Guitar

van-halen-guitarBook 4: The Van Halen Guitar

Cyrus is a gang leader on the rise. He has a supply of drugs that need transport. The Boss is a mafia leader on the way down. All he needs is product to pull himself back on top. Together, they have everything they need for a partnership– except the twenty five thousand dollars to get the venture off the ground.

Nigel Wellington, aka, The English Rocker has just arrived in town to buy a Van Halen replica guitar. It’s worth: twenty five thousand dollars. His problem: he’s just been accidentally shot by a contract killer.

An Irish thug, an assassin with a mullet, a drunk backyard brawler, and a gang of kids in plaid with big hair, race in a mad dash to retrieve the expensive guitar and claim the twenty five grand as their own. But do they even know if it’s the right guitar they’re chasing?

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