The Gutter Dogs Series – Transformers

transformersBook 2: Transformers

The rent is due.

No one escapes from paying the rent. Not even “Hurricane” Cain McBain and Tristan. They need money and they need it fast.

Every year the newspaper prints out a list of the ten richest people in the area. All they have to do is follow the richest guy around, take pictures of him doing bad stuff, then blackmail him with the photos. No one gets that rich without doing something wrong. Except this Mark.

Meanwhile The Boss is out on parole and looking for revenge. He turns to his former right hand man; Bulldog. The job: kill “Hurricane” Cain McBain and Tristan.

All Bulldog has to do is find himself a gun for the job, deal with Chiles, an underhanded Gun Dealer, and put the cap into Cain and Tristan.

All Cain and Tristan have to do is find a way to get their money from The Mark, pay their rent, and get Bulldog off their back.

But it’s hard to find the motivation when an 80’s classic cartoon is running in a marathon.

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