The Gutter Dogs Series – Warriors

Every wannabe gang banger in a hundred mile radius wants to put the Boppers in the ground after they’re blamed for the assassination of a prominent leader. They have to run, hide, and fight to clear their name and stay alive. Every gang wants them. Gangs that dress like sadistic clowns, gangs that dress like movie serial killers, gangs that dress like cowboys, and gangs that are white but name themselves after Native war-chiefs.

Lex and the Outcasts are responsible for the framing. They discover murder is a slippery slope as they try to finish the job while keeping a dogged detective and competing gangs off their back. But the bodies keep stacking up as they keep getting in the way.

Just for fun, let’s throw in a mysterious cowboy, an ex-drunk backyard brawler, an Irish leprechaun, and the dogged detective that wants to be an underworld kingpin, and see how it all shakes out.

Only Warriors will live through the night.

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